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A long time ago in a valley far far away lived 3 Adam's. These Adams having lived separate lives and not knowing of each other all frequently enjoyed hiking this mountain. Until one day when the 3 Adam's happen to cross paths while hiking this mountain. Learning that they all loved hiking this mountain and that they where all named Adam they said "hey maybe we should hike this mountain together." So they created a decree, "We hereby decree that the we, having the same name, shall hike this mountain together, we will hike this mountain many times, in the dark, in the day, in the rain, and in the snow. We will hike this mountain as the sunrises over the horizon and as the fog rolls thru the trees and as the sunsets in the west. We will hike this mountain multiple times a day. Sometime we will hike other mountains but mostly we will hike this mountain. Furthermore since having the same name is freaking confusing we shall give each other trail names. Adam Ozment: being of young age, strong and fearless, shall be called OZ the great and powerful (or just Oz for short), Adam Williamson: being of manly stature, towering over the land, shall be called HOSS, and Adam Gravett: being of long years, full off wisdom and experience, shall be called POPS. Finally this decree henceforth from this day forward shall be known throughout the land as Up N Adam Adventures."

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